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Dr. Patti Rann Thigpen resides in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. She received her Doctor of Audiology degree from Salus University, Master of Arts degree from University of Tennessee and Bachelor of Science degree in Speech and Hearing Therapy and Special Education from Middle Tennessee State University. She has worked as a Speech and Language therapist within the public schools, Director of Audiology for otolaryngology practices, self-contracted with state children's audiology services and presently is in private practice at Thigpen Hearing Center. She was instrumental in initating newborn hearing screening programs at three hospitals and was regional speaker for pediatric audiological management state seminars.

In 1985, Mrs. Thigpen experienced her own jaw surgery. During that time, she enjoyed most of her favorite foods simply by using the methods and recipes described in the handbook, Dinner Through a Straw. She credits the food preparation at that time to the support of her family with six siblings and her mother, who ensured that she ate the Christmas dinner and trimmings as everyone else was eating. The system that was devised worked so well for her that she lost only six pounds in the six weeks that her jaws were wired together. Following her surgery, she was encouraged to create a handbook of healing preparations and expectations as well as tasteful recipes. Her desire was to ease the recovery period for patients and their families and promote wellness.

The popularity of this book grew quickly since 1987. Dr. Thigpen is frequently revising and updating with new technology changes and product information. The product line has expanded over time. She is very pleased that Dinner Through a Straw has been so helpful to patients and physicians in expediting recovery. Dr. Thigpen worked in the medical fields during high school and college, as well as having many career opportunities. Her passion is to assist with patients' physical needs in amany ways. She frequently has been told by patients and their families that Dinner Through a Straw is a ministry. She hopes that you will agree and continue to pass along to others all valuable information that you gain from these products.

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From a mother of a patient in Idaho -
“Thank you for taking time to write such much needed guide. My son was suddenly in a car accident and we didn’t have time to prepare for this or how to help him. Your book has been a lifesaver.”