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Dinner Through a Straw products promote methods of eating following mouth, jaw, dental or facial limitations for chewing and swallowing as well as support for patients and caregivers of those recovering from cancer treatments that can negatively affect eating, appetite and weight loss. See product details below images.

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Dinner Through a Straw Handbook
Dinner Through a Straw Handbook
Liquid Zip-N-Squeeze Bag
Liquid Zip-N-Squeeze Bag
Pureed Zip-N-Squeeze Bag
Pureed Zip-N-Squeeze Bag

Large Soft-Squeeze Bottle
Large Soft-Squeeze Bottle
Small Soft-Squeeze Bottle
Small Soft-Squeeze Bottle
Cool Jaw Wraps
Cool Jaw Wraps

Complete Kit
Complete Kit
Dinner Kit
Dinner Kit
First Aid Kit
First Aid Kit

The Dinner Through a Straw handbook
Handbook Provides
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Food Selections and Management
  • Skin Care and Self-Image
  • Alternative Food Suggestions
  • Reassurance for Those with Chewing Disorders
  • Questions to Ask Your Doctor
  • Eating Strategies during Cancer Recovery
  • Alternative Food Suggestions
  • On-the-Go Foods
  • Meal Preparation Guide
Written for
  • Patients
  • Physicians and Nurses
  • Family Members, Caregivers, Friends
  • TMJ Disorders, Dysphagia
  • Stroke Patients
  • Denture Problems
  • Facial Malformations
  • Cancer Treatment Patients
  • Baby Food Alternative
  • Jaw Realignment Surgical Patients
  • Scleroderma Patients
  • AIDS Patients

Zip-N_Squeeze Bags

Simplify and ease eating and drinking. Mouth related swelling, pain, recovering from oral surgery, weakened facial muscles, dysphagia or wired jaws can make it difficult for patients to eat or drink from a cup. Zip-N-Squeeze bags work wonderfully when filled with broth, liquids, protein drinks, medication, shakes and pureed foods from the Dinner Through A Straw book. The pleated bottom of the pureed bag allows the bag to stand upright. The pinch clamp prevents spills, and the patented leakproof zipper is designed to prevent rupturing when pressure is applied and food pressed through the straw into the mouth. The disposable bags are reusable for a few times and then thrown away.

Two styles of food bags are available for food consumption. Liquid bags have more narrow tubes for clear liquids resulting in less pressure near swollen soft tissues immediately after surgery. Pureed bags have 2 sizes of larger diameter flexible tubes. The difference in the bags is related to the narrow size or the larger sizes of the soft flexible attached tube.

Liquid Zip-N-Squeeze Bags include
Prepackaged ZNS bags with leakproof zipper close, flexible small diameter tubing, tubing clamp to prevent spillage
Item 108 Single bag
Item 110 Package of 5 ZNS bags
Attachable liquid straws included with the bags
Tube clamp to prevent spillage
Instructions for assembly

Pureed Food Zip-N-Squeeze Bags include
Prepackaged ZNS bags with pleated bottoms for standing come with feeding tube attachments. Two sizes of feeding tubes are included, each with a larger diameter than the liquid bags to allow pureed food consistencies.
Item 109 Single bag
Item 111 Package of 5 ZNS bags
Prepackaged zippered bag with 2 attachable pureed tubes
Tube clamp to prevent spillage
Instructions for assembly

Soft-Squeeze Bottles

Large Soft-Squeeze Bottles

A new and improved soft squeeze bottle that is flexible to the touch. Mueller sports bottles have a longstanding reputation for their easy use and soft squeeze application. This is a sensible way of drinking food on the go, and it has been used by athletes for years for quick hydration. No sucking. The amount of liquid dispensed is in direct proportion to the amount of pressure applied to the side of the bottle. Graphics illustrate our DTAS logo and product information.
- Great on-the-go eating device with no spills and no mess
- Large size 32 oz container holds large portions for less refilling
- Simply squeeze (no sucking) to prevent pain, pressure, bleeding
- Ultra soft and easily squeezable
- Can be used long after recovery

Small 8 oz. squeeze bottle with small drinking spout is ideal for
- Spray of mouthwash for swollen mouth tissues
- Spray stream is narrow and easy to direct and control the liquid flow
- Great for small "sips" of liquid or for children with lip or mouth weakness preventing drinking from a cup or straw
- This multi-purpose, extra soft squeeze bottle dispenses liquid in direct proportion to pressure applied to the bottle
- Screw on closure with stem is one piece for leakproof service
- Top of the stem may be cut back to increase flow

Cool Jaw Wraps
Cool Jaw stretch wrap and four blue gel packs are a hands free design for immediate use following reconstructive jaw surgery, dental implants, extraction of teeth, swollen jaws or jaw pain. - Elegant, satin spandex fabric that is extremely soft on the skin
- Pockets for frozen gel packs extend from cheekbone to cheekbone to give full coverage over surgical areaAllows constant compression over the area to reduce swelling and associated pain
- Two rows of Velcro closure for universal adjustable fit
- Four moldable, pliable gel packs as opposed to clear ice packs that are hard and frozen solid
- Gel packs can also be heated
- All gel packs are reusable and wraps are washable
- Allows rotating 4 packs while freezing 2 packs and using 2 packs
- Enhances post operative recovery for patients

DTAS Pre-Assembled Kits
Complete Kit
The Complete Kit gathers all of the items needed to assemble the eating device that physicians have recommended for years along with the DTAS book. It includes
- Copy of Dinner Through A Straw
- Soft Squeeze Bottle
- 60 CC syringe for food storage
- Red tubing to manage liquid food flow
- 2 blue tip tubes to manage pureed food flow
- Instructions for care and use
Dinner Kit
The Dinner Kit has the best of both the liquid and the pureed feeding bags along with the DTAS book. The kit includes
- Copy of Dinner Through A Straw
- One package of 5 liquid Zip-N-Squeeze bags with narrow tubing and clamps
- One package of 5 pureed Zip-N-Squeeze bags with larger tubing and clamps
- 2 extra tubes for use with pureed ZNS bags of medium diameter
- Instructions for care and use
First Aid Kit
The First Aide Kit includes supplies to ease recovery at home following surgery, including
- Copy of Dinner Through A Straw
- Ultra soft toothbrush to reach around appliance and tender gums
- Peroxyle peroxide antiseptic oral rinse
- Burt’s Bees lip balm moisturizer
- Lotion moisturizing tissues
- Mild mouthwash
- Q-Tip brand cotton swabs
- 2 Packages of dental wax in sterile containers for sharp dental wires and tender mouth tissues

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From an Oral Surgeon in the Midwest -
“I feel confident that when I provide a copy of Dinner Through A Straw to a patient they have been well informed with written information about food consumption and the healing process.”